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Shining Stars Learning Center is a multi-aged center geared toward meeting the developmental needs of children from 1 month of age to 13 years.  We believe each child is unique and we strive to meet their individual physical, social, emotional and cognitive needs.  These needs will be met based on the child’s interests, abilities, culture and learning style.

The Preschool and Kindergarten curriculum is based on Dr. Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences.  Dr. Gardner believes that each child has specific skills and talents - or intelligences - and that if we teach to these skills and talents, then students will have a better understanding of the material presented to them.  There are seven intelligences in Dr. Gardner’s theory:

µ  Musical
µ  Bodily - Kinesthetic
  Logical - Mathematical
µ  Intrapersonal

The curriculum will always touch on each of these intelligences.  This will ensure that every child is able to understand the lesson and shine in their own abilities.  Our infant and toddler programs also touch on the intelligences each day in their curriculum.

Preschool Classrooms also use:

Utilizes The Lively Letters phonics program as well as Handwriting Without Tears

Our Kindergarten classrooms also uses the following programs:

Reading - Scolott Foresman’s Reading Street

Phonics - Rose Bradley

Math - Wright Group Math

Writing - Hand Writing Without Tears

Phonics/Reading Assessment - DIBELS

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